Things To Do In & Around Asheboro, NC

Asheboro, the county seat of Randolph County, NC, has many things to do in town and around the countryside.

A perky zebra looks out towards the crowd at the North Carolina Zoo.

North Carolina Zoo: Probably one of the biggest draws for the area is the North Carolina Zoo. As far as zoo’s go, the North Carolina zoo offers large, open spaces created to resemble natural habitats for many of the animals on display on their 500 acres. You can start at either one of two entrances: North America or Africa and wind your way through the park to explore the wildlife from these two different continents. When you get to the end, hop the shuttle to take you back to where you parked.

Antiquing: Dotted along the downtown, antique stores are chock full of all kinds of goodies from a by-gone era. As far as antique stores go, Asheboro has some of the nicest ones I’ve seen.

Pitcher by Ben Owen Pottery from the Our State Store.

Seagrove Potteries/NC Pottery Highway: Seagrove is home to many of North Carolina’s potteries, the Museum of NC Traditional Pottery, and the NC Pottery Center. Take a drive along the Pottery Highway and visit some of the local artists crafting gorgeous wares in NC. Plan to attend the Seagrove Pottery Festival in November.

Pisghah Covered Bridge: One of two remaining covered bridges in the state, the Pisghah Covered Bridge is similar to the ones dotting the landscape back home in Bucks County, PA.

The Fall Festival in Asheboro, NC

Fall Festival: Three words: deep fried Oreos. I happened upon the Fall Festival entirely by accident. Held in the downtown area, food and craft vendors galore lined the streets. Held in early October, while the weather is still sunny and warm, it was a fun way of rounding out the day after visiting the STARworks NC Pumpkin Patch earlier that morning!

A Carolina dog from Mike’s Chicago Dog and More!

Mike’s Chicago Dog and More!: Get your hot dogs here! Whether it’s the traditional Carolina dog, an original Chicago dog, or an Italian beef sandwich, you can’t go wrong. Be sure to wash it down with an icy Cheerwine. Your taste buds will thank you.

Glaze King Donuts, Asheboro

Glaze King Donuts: Welcome to carbohydrate bliss. This mom and pop donut shop is a local hot spot for all things donut. Shhhhh……let’s keep this between you and me. They have sugar rise donuts that practically melt in your mouth. Sugar rise donuts, y’all!!!! And donut holes? Why, they’re really donut poppers, perfect for portable munching!

I’ll update as I visit more places in and around Asheboro! ~Mindy