Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Durham, NC

The 1897 Roney Fountain, a gift to Trinity College [Duke University] by Washington Duke’s sister-in-law Anne Roney.

The Sarah P. Duke Gardens are a splendid public garden located on the campus of Duke University. At over 50 acres, the garden is broken into several zones, mainly the Blomquist Garden of Native Plants, the Culberson Asiatic Arboretum, the Doris Duke Center Gardens, and the Historic Gardens which include the Terrace Gardens, as well as several other smaller patches of flora.

Stickwork sculpture “The Big Easy” by Patrick Dougherty on the south lawn at Duke Gardens.

The gardens are lined with about five miles of paths and walkways that wind through the garden in such a way that you’ll easily see all the highlights of this impressive garden.

A variety of flora and fauna dot the landscape and there is something new to see around every corner!

Intrigued? Getting to the Duke Gardens is easy! They are open from 8 AM to dusk almost all year round, save a couple of holidays.

Sarah P. Duke Gardens
420 Anderson Street, Durham, NC