Williams Knife Co.


The Tugaloo

Williams Knife Co., features handcrafted, custom knives which are as much art as they are functional. The company started in a workshop behind Chris Williams’ house with his signature Edisto Oyster Knife and has blossomed into a specialty knife company offering endless possibilities of functional art.
I’ve purchased two Williams knives as gifts, the Tugaloo (a paring knife) and the Stono (a fly fishing knife) and would recommend them to anyone. But without Garden & Gun Magazine highlighting them and telling a compelling story, I might have missed them altogether. And that would be a tragedy. Chris is easy to work with and has really great ideas for the materials you choose on your knife. He offers a lot of variety in materials and styles. The quality of the knives is excellent.


Williams Knife Co.

When one of the knives I purchased had a problem with the trim piece, all I had to do was send it back to Chris and he repaired the knife quickly and returned it to me. No questions asked. The knife in question is used almost every day, so it takes some wear and tear. It has held up like a champ! I like to support local businesses when I can. I also think it’s important to support craftsmen to ensure their craft continues. If you know someone that appreciates a good knife, Williams Knife Co. does not disappoint!


The Stono

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