STARworks NC: Center for Creative Enterprise

Blown Glass on Display at STARworks

STARworks, an working arts community in rural Star, NC. Star is located exactly in the geographical center of the state of North Carolina. Once a prosperous town due to its location to the railroad, today the town is a shell of those prosperous times. Part of the town revitalization included the creation of the STARworks Center for Creative Enterprise.

STARworks promotes community and economic development through the arts. Artists from far and wide come to STARworks to teach and intern in glass, ceramics, and clay media. STARworks hosts classes and events open to the community.

Pumpkins in the Pumpkin Patch

My first time there was just before the much awaited Pumpkin Patch. The staff is friendly and will let you walk the grounds and in the facility. You can watch artists at work or take a class.

The Pumpkin Patch exhibits the stunning blown glass pumpkins and gourds by artists in residence for sale at this special pumpkin display. You best get there early! Lines form before sunrise and wrap around the grounds for a chance to get these stunning pumpkins.

The Pumpkins Glow in the Sunlight

The Holiday Ornament Sale is similar to the Pumpkin Patch, but includes ornaments and snowmen instead of pumpkins. They are equally exquisite and sparkle in the light.

Best of all? They are locally made in North Carolina! I like to support local artists and buy local when I can. The pumpkins and ornaments make beautiful gifts if you can convince yourself to let them go!

Mike’s Chicago Dog & More

Star is easy to get to as it is less than a mile off the I-73/74 corridor and it is literally in the center of NC. Maybe you want to get in touch with your inner artist or learn something new? Maybe you love blown glass or ceramics or pottery? If so, why not visit STARworks at 100 Russell Drive, Star, NC and see what they’ve got. When you’re done, zip a couple miles up to Asheboro and have a hotdog or sandwich at Mike’s Chicago Dog and More!