Lily and Laura Bracelets

Every now and then you come across something so simple but the back story has a huge impact and makes a difference. I was out in Southern Pines having lunch at Sweet Basil with some girls from work. One of our servers was wearing some really cool beaded bracelets and I commented on them. She told us they carried them at the boutique across the courtyard. We finished our lunch, but it was so beautiful outside we decided to walk around to the shops in town rather than go our separate ways.


Pretty in Pink

Right across from the restaurant is a boutique by the name of Monkees. We took a spin around the store and did a little window shopping. The boutique has shoes, clothes, accessories, and some gifts, such as my favorite ReWined Candles. Up by the register, on a velvet bracelet post, were some of the prettiest beaded bracelets I’ve ever seen. Lily and Laura Bracelets are not only beautiful, made with colorful glass beads from Japan, but they are also one of a kind artistic works made by hand by women in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. The company pays the women fair trade wages for their work, which in turn improves their quality of life. I like things that are made by hand. When they are made by hand and can help women support their family in impoverished countries it’s even better. The bracelets are colorful and sparkly. And you can never have enough sparkles!!! It was hard to pick what color I liked best, but I bought a couple of girly pink ones. I don’t think I’ll stop at pink as they have every color of the rainbow. I see more colors in my future – I love ’em!

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