These Boots Are Made for Walking

Anticipation. You know how you feel when you are waiting, patiently, for something to arrive in the mail? You can hardly wait. You check the tracking number on the email every single day to see where your package is on the long, so very long, journey to your house. What are you talking about, you ask? Well, let me tell you. I have been searching next to forever for a pair of boots. And sometimes I can be difficult about things that I want when I have an idea in my head as to what it is supposed to look like, I know this. Then I discovered Frye Boots. Oh, they are so glorious! And I covet them. Not just one style, but numerous styles. They are beautifully crafted and made in the USA! I don’t know about you, but that is important to me.

Frye Boots

The FRYE Company is over 150 years old, which is remarkable for a company started by one man in Massachusetts’s way back in 1863. The boots are like an art form for your feet. This leads me to the present. I have searched and searched for the perfect pair of boots for years. One day while standing in a line I noticed a woman wearing great boots. Boy howdy, did they catch my eye! You could tell by looking at them that not only were they gorgeous, they were crafted, luxurious. Now, I have to tell you that I have a knack for admiring expensive things. Like I have expensive thing “radar;” but not just expensive things, oh no, but things that are exquisite as well. You could give me a choice of three pair of shoes or three different sofas for instance, and I will pick out the most expensive in a heartbeat, mostly because I can’t afford them, I’m sure.

Frye Boots 2Since I am very picky about certain things, like the boots I’m looking for, I will do without rather than settle for something that isn’t “it.” Enter FRYE boots. I went on a quest to find the boots. How had I missed them all this time? Of that I’m not certain, but I knew I would find the boot. Well, boots from a 150-year-old company that are so gorgeous are not cheap. And while I wanted a pair of the Melissa Harness back zip boots, the $438 price tag was just a little out of my budget. Enter This website has tons of brand name shoes, boots, clothes and accessories. And they have them at a great price. Sometimes what you are looking at on the website is last year’s style, which works for me. I search for the FRYE Boots on and to my surprise they have many styles in stock. I searched and found a couple I really, really liked. Although the price was pretty good and on sale the boots were still around $300. Eventually I caved, and loaded that baby in the shopping cart and checked out. Mama gave me money for Christmas and this was going to be my gift to myself. And they were on sale even more than when I first looked! I think the universe is lining up in my favor! Anticipation. All I can think of is that darn Heinz Ketchup commercial that played when I was a kid…Anticipation…, anticipation is making me wait.” And I waited, eagerly tracking the package on its trek across the US to my doorstep. Finally, it arrived!

Frye Boots B&W

Tearing into the box I pulled out the black FRYE Lindsay Spur boots and gazed at them. Wow. Gorgeous. I picked up the right boot and pulled it on. Or at least I attempted. Like the ugly stepsisters trying to jam their Sasquatch feet into the delicate glass slipper belonging to Cinderella, I tried to squeeze this boot over my calf. I’m an average girl, rather curvy, but still an average size 12. Imagine my surprise when my cherished boots would not squeeze over my calves. Sigh. I was crestfallen. I tried again, still with no luck. Not to be deterred I looked on their website for wide calf boots, which they have-yay! Yay, that is, until I measured my calf and realize even they will not fit me. How can this be? How can an average girl not fit into a wide calf boot? Surely my calves cannot be that hefty that I cannot wear a boot! Oh FRYE, why do you mock me so? What about the girls that aren’t stick thin? Don’t we get to wear your boots?

 “If I can’t have you, I don’t want nobody baby

If I can’t have you, oh oh oh oh

If I can’t have you, I don’t want nobody baby

If I can’t have you, oh oh oh…” ~Yvonne Elliman

These boots are made for walkin’ and they are walkin’ with me to the car for a short trip to the post office. Final destination? The returns department. My consolation prize? A new Canon camera.