The Flying Pig, Asheboro, NC

The Flying Pig in Asheboro

Do pigs really fly? Darned if I know, but at the The Flying Pig in Asheboro their signature Pig Wings did fly into my mouth. Not on their own, of course. With a little assist from my fork those tender, juicy and smothered pork shank angels danced across my tongue and right into my belly. It was almost heaven.

Pig Tenders – a juicy & tender pork shank glazed up with a signature sauce.

The Flying Pig has a good selection of sandwiches on their menu. I was going back and forth between the pulled pork BBQ sandwich and the cheesesteak. Nostalgia and a bit of homesickness won out, so the Philly cheesesteak it was. You never know how that’s going to go when you’re away from the cheesesteak capital of the US. Usually, I find that it’s the bread that isn’t right. A hoagie roll should have a good crust on the outside and be soft and a bit chewy on the inside. The Flying Pig cheesesteak was pretty darn good and the roll was right. It certainly satisfied my tastebuds and made me feel a little bit like I was home.

A Flying Pig Philly cheesesteak sandwich.

Don’t wait until pigs fly! Get on over yonder to The Flying Pig and try their signature pig wings and what ever tickles your tastebuds.

The Flying Pig menu.

It was easter and all the little piggies were wearing their Easter wear.

The Flying Pig, 208 Sunset Ave., Asheboro, NC 27203