That’s My Schtick….

I’ve come to the realization that I am not funny. More to the point- I’m not a funny writer. My schtick is more of a verbal volleying. Humor is what I do. Well that and sarcasm, and sometimes I marry them together like a Reese’s peanut butter cup does with chocolate and peanut butter. In my case, once I realized that I was klutzy and average looking, having a sense of humor was an important survival skill. But for whatever reason, even with years in the trenches, this wisecracking does not translate into my writing. Sigh. I’ve come to realize, thanks to a friend, that I am situationally funny and I rely a lot on facial expressions and hand gestures (not that kind of gesture, shish!). This comes in handy, say, when you fall in the parking lot at work for the bajillionth time, but does not help your street cred when writing.

This is a problem. Where, in my head of course, I planned to be a witty blogger with comical stories for people to read, I am in reality much more (dare I say it?!?) serious. Sober? Solemn? Reflective? Noooooo!!! No. No. No. This is not how it’s supposed to be! I never realized just how much I play off others and used facial expressions and gestures to accent my humor. Maybe it’s because sarcasm is difficult to capture in writing (at least for me).

What is a girl to do? I have no answer to that question; I am not certain really. Writing about various topics that interest me is cathartic. I am embarking on a new journey. How will it play out? Only time will tell. Until then I’m off to lament over the loss of my wisecrackin’ schtick. I think I hear a Reese’s calling my name…