State Farmers Market


Flowers for Sale at the Farmer’s Market

What better way to spend a Saturday than wandering around the State Farmers Market in Raleigh? The market is comprised of an outdoor fruit, veggie, and plant pavilion and and indoor market with vendors selling meats, cheese, candy, as well as other goods. Across from the Farmers Market is the Market Imports, which sells various decor, pottery, and statuary for your garden. Finally there is a restaurant located just across from the food and plant pavilion that serves up some country cookin’.


Fresh Picked Strawberries

I strolled through looking at the numerous vendor’s with their piles of fruits and veggies. I purchased the most yummy looking red potatoes, red onions for the pizza I’m cooking tonight, and an heirloom tomato for a tomato sandwiches this week. It would be so easy to come back home loaded up with food and plants, but in an attempt to restrain myself I kept to the list. All of these goodies only cost me $7. Seven dollars! That is a steal and they are all grown right here in North Carolina!


Bunches of Spring Onions

Looking to get your garden started? Do you desire plants for your flower beds? Need a Japanese maple for your yard? If you like to garden the market is a wonderful haven for plants. Herbs, veggies, fruit trees, ornamental plants-you name it, they have it!


Hand Picked Juicy Tomatoes

Supporting NC Agriculture and eating locally grown, deliciousness is completely worth the trip. If you can’t come to Raleigh, seek out a farmers market in your area and support your local farmers. Everybody wins when you buy local! It’s Got to be NC!

Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers

Salad Greens

Salad Greens