STARworks Center for Creative Enterprise, Star, NC

Vivid glass vases fill a window in the gallery.

I first discovered the STARworks Center for Creative Enterprise when a friend gave me a blown glass peach last summer. This nearly edible favorite fruit of mine truly looked as pretty as a peach on my table all summer. If you know anything about me, you know that when it comes to pottery and glass, I’ve never met any artisan works that I don’t love. I can’t get enough. Well, I’m out of storage in my tiny house, so technically I can get enough, but I haven’t come to terms with that notion yet.

Your honey might need this bee-utiful pitcher, cup and bowl set.

STARworks is located in the town of Star in North Carolina, which oddly enough is the geographic center of this awesome state. What do they do there? Artisans create splendid works of art in glass, ceramics, and pottery, host classes and workshops, and they also have an internship program. Part of their mission is to bring art to cultural deserts in small towns across the state.

Catching some sun. It’s now catching sun in the window of my entryway.

“STARworks is an arts-centered work community that promotes community and economic development by providing outstanding artistic educational programs and business ventures.”

Some bunny would love to see this jar on their bookshelf!

The calendar at STARworks is full of events such as Hot Glass – Cold Beer, Glassfest, Firefest, the Pumpkin Patch, and the Holiday Ornament Sale. I’ve been there several times and have witnessed the changes to the old school house, which is now home to a large gallery, since I discovered them.

The swirls and variations in colors in each section of this glass is beautiful.

The Pumpkin Patch was amazing. There were literally hundreds of blown glass pumpkins and gourds placed on the front yard, one prettier than the next. I bought 11 of them. Yes, that’s right – eleven. They weren’t all for me! Most of them were given as birthday and Christmas presents for the important people in my life. But the much coveted purple “pumpkin of the day” did make it into my basket by a stroke of fortuitous luck, and she is mine.

Screen shot of the Pumpkin of the Day from the STARworks Facebook page before the Pumpkin Patch in October 2016. ‘Tis mine!

Now that the old school house facade is cleaned up with new stairs and ramp installed, the gallery is set up and ready for the grand opening. I visited this weekend because I’m not going to make it to the Grand Opening next weekend on the 4th.

STARworks School House Gallery entrance.

It’s going to be a fantastic shindig featuring works done by resident artists, classes, guest artists, plus a food truck, beer, and wine for sale as well.

Glass flowers. Love it? Make one at the upcoming “Make Your Own Glass Flower” class!

Jessica, the gallery manager and former intern at STARworks, was kind enough to let me take a few photos of the gallery and works for sale. Some pieces are meant to be displayed as art, others are functional – all are beautiful.

A functional piece of art. All that’s missing is the flowers from your beau.

If you’re looking for a fun and easy getaway, STARworks is centrally located to everything in the state, literally since it’s located in Star, NC. If you enjoy supporting local business, artists and want to learn more, hop on in the car and boogie on down the road to Star. If you’re there for the grand opening you’ll be able to nosh, sip, and stroll though the gallery. It’s never too early to buy a gift for your Valentine and Mother’s Day is right around the corner!

STARworks NC is located at 100 Russell Drive | Star, NC 27356 | Phone: 910.428.9001

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