New Beginnings

17 March 2017

There is something to be said for new beginnings. Sometimes starting something new is not a choice you made. Other times the change comes because you’ve made a choice.

Today I’m mixed with happiness and excitement while at the same time I’m scared, nervous and sad. You see, today I gave my two weeks’ notice. Shock waves are still running through me. After eight years of working with this crazy bunch I lovingly refer to as my work family, I am embarking on a new career.
Wow – a new career! What!?!? It hardly seems real. At 29 (+17 years of experience) I am starting all over at a new job. An exciting new job. I’m so nervous I could throw up.

Sadness is a part of any ending. The finality of closing one door to open another is so final. I’m going to miss my coworkers. We’ve been together for so long that they are my family. How do you leave your family? With a heavy heart and sadness.

I cried. A lot. My friend, who also works at the same place, looked at me, stunned. Reminding me that I wanted to leave and find a new place to work, away from this toxic environment was something I’ve talked about for years made me cry more. Stockholm Syndrome. That was his answer to my hysterical blubbering. It made me laugh. Little did I know….

17 April 2017

Flash forward one month later…

I walked through the door of my new office building in Raleigh on Monday, 20 March 2017. Greeted by smiling faces, by nervousness dissipated. Before long I was introduced to my numerous coworkers, given a new cubby, a new laptop, and a list of things to do.

Talk about hitting the ground running! I inherited three Facebook pages, four webpages, six grantees to oversee, as well as a host of other things to manage.

My coworkers are kind, helpful, funny, and best of all they all believe in what they’re doing and hope to make a difference. This is a stark contrast to my previous job. A stark, but happy welcome.

Do I still miss my coworkers? Every single day. I miss our laughing about stupid things over the cubby wall or my friend Chris who sends out the bestest, mostest funny PowerPoint presentations about crazy office things. But they are only an email or text away. Do I miss the toxicity of my last job? Not even a little. I am happy and what I do matters. Best of all? I am appreciated, which is a refreshing change.

Moral of the story? Don’t let anything stop you from taking that next step – not your age, where you live, what others think, or the comfort of familiarity. Don’t let fear or money dictate your life or hold you back. ‘Cause I’m here to tell ‘ya, it’s not worth holding onto something that doesn’t make you happy. One month later, not a bit of Stockholm Syndrome in sight and I feel a little like my young, adventurous self again. Now if only I lived a bit closer to Raleigh….

2 comments on “New Beginnings

  1. I love this blog post, Mindy. Written so well I could hear your voice. Congratulations on defining your journey!

    • Hi Kim!

      We go back a long way, do we not?! Thank you for the compliment. It’s very exciting to have a new job, even if the drive is killing me! I’m looking forward to see what this brings.


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