Mike’s Chicago Dog & More in Asheboro, NC

Mike's Chicago Dog & More!

Mike’s Chicago Dog & More!

Mike’s Chicago Dog and More! brings a bite of the Windy City to Zoo Town. Mike Jones, the owner, hails from Chicago, Illinois and is a long time Cubs fan. This is evident the minute you walk through the door. The sunny yellow space is highlighted by “Cubs” blue trim and every manner of Cubs and White Sox memorabilia, but mostly Cubs mementos. The shop is filled with items such as old balls, bats, and gloves, pennants, news clippings, old photos and baseball cards, and paintings of Wrigley Field. Although Mike is a diehard Cubs fan, there is something here for relocated White Sox fans as well.

Decorated for Cubs & White Sox Fans Alike

Decorated for Cubs & White Sox Fans Alike

A Two Foot Hotdog

A Two Foot Long Hotdog

I was there on a Saturday night two weekends ago, and the place was jammin!’ This local hot dog hot spot was full of locals looking for a bite of those well-prepared, heavenly ballpark dogs. I saddled up to the bar and seated myself next to a two foot hot dog. The menu includes the Chicago Dog, Mike’s Signature Dog, a very specific mid-western style hot dog chock full of toppings. The Vienna Beef hot dog is the Chicago hotdog, and no Chicago dog is complete without it and several other toppings, including a poppyseed bun, yellow mustard, a bright green sweet relish, chopped sweet onion, tomato wedges, pepperoncini, a dill pickle wedge, and lastly, celery salt.

What's For Dinner?

What’s For Dinner?

A Carolina Dog

A Carolina Dog

I have to admit, I was intrigued by the Chicago dog, but just wasn’t sure about all those toppings together. Being a transplanted Carolina girl, I opted for the Carolina Dog. I knew if Mike could make a Chicago dog, the Carolina dog would be a snap. Mike used the same poppyseed bun and Vienna Beef hot dog used in his signature Chicago dog, but tops it with mustard, chili and coleslaw. It was beyond words. I scarfed it down in no time flat. After watching Bob Garner’s review on North Carolina Weekend I knew I wanted to visit and try his hotdogs but I didn’t realize I would make the trip that weekend. Happening upon Mike’s Chicago Dog and More! was a happy accident! Mike Jones is not only friendly and personable, his hotdog joint is a treat. Mike’s decision to call North Carolina home is Zoo Town’s fortune. If you’re in Asheboro, stop in for a bite of the Windy City and be sure to meet Mike and chat with him and his staff.

Mike Jones Busy Making His Famous Dogs

The End

The End

6 comments on “Mike’s Chicago Dog & More in Asheboro, NC

    • It is great! I stopped there again this weekend on my way to the Guilford Courthouse Revolutionary reenactment. Mike is a super nice guy, as is the rest of his staff.

  1. The Chicago Dog is pure pleasure. Also try one of Mike’s Itl. Beefs…… I almost pooed myself they were so good. A nice Guy. A nice clean place and you can get a cold beer. Life is good at Mikes.

    • You made me laugh! I’ll have to try the Chicago dog the next time I go! I am in love with the Carolina dog though – I ate another last weekend! And Mike is such a nice guy. The woman that waited on me last weekend said to try the Italian beef (that it was her fav) so I’ll have to go back a couple times to try other things on the menu. It looks like the Italian beef is a must. This place is great!

  2. “I scarfed it down in no time flat.” Just what you want to read in any restaurant/food review. But next time, go for the CHICAGO! It works. (thanks for such a pleasant review)

    • Thank you! I felt like “inhaled it” didn’t do it proper justice. I will definitely try the Chicago the next time! I mean honestly, how can I keep going to “Mike’s Chicago Dog and More!” and only eat the “and more?”

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