Got to be NC Festival

Shiny old tractors were on display at the festival.

What do we want?! Local! When do we want it?! Now! In a world of foods of questionable origin, why go out of state when you’ve got fresh, NC agriculture right here in your own yard? The Got to be NC Festival highlights everything that is grown, raised, caught, and made right here in the Old North State.

Can you believe they wouldn’t let me take the Big Cart for a spin?!

Remember the slogan “think global, act local?” We’ve been talking about this for years. Isn’t it time to take that to heart and actually support local? Celebrating local NC agriculture only makes sense! As consumers we should all support our local agriculture, don’t you think?

One of the colorful old tractors on display. I love the contrast!

There were so many beautiful old tractors on display! They came in every size, shape and color – some dating back to the early 1900s. There shine was only outmatched by the sun.

This little piggy…is terrific!

Several sows were in the birthing corral and one was steadily working on farrowing her piglets. Compared to her ginormous size they were teeny-tiny, wrinkled, pink piggies.

Old farm tools used in farming over the years alongside antique soda bottles and signs.

Admittedly I was there for work, scoping out their recycling containers for a meeting I’m hosting in June. While I didn’t get to spend time checking out the vendors, I would love to go back next year and really spend some time investigating the homegrown fare in the exhibit hall.

Oscar, the Robot in Residence.

While on my recycling quest I met up with Oscar, the Got to be NC Robot in Residence. Oscar was funny and charming and well versed in recycling! He did a great job helping me get the message out with several young fairgoers.

Tractors line the way for fairgoers to view.

Of course the fairgrounds were full of the typical fair food and rides, but the pièce de résistance of this shindig is the Home Grown Fare in the exhibit hall. On display are every kind of NC based food, wine, and goods imaginable. One of my home grown favs is Bertie County Peanuts. They’re a tasty treat enjoyed by everyone in the house: Juston, Daphne and me. And there is so much variety that it’s hard to choose a flavor. I usually get several, but the original blister-fried and the salt and pepper are my favorites. 

Take a spin on a fresh strawberry!

Also a great story that’s tied to this historic textile mill state is Mindful Supply. This company took our [NC] textile roots, which left in droves in the 1990’s and went overseas taking the jobs with them, and replanted seeds of hope and change, literally. Mindful Supply makes t-shirts right here in NC using cotton grown in the south while employing American workers. Watch the video by Our State Magazine “From Dirt to Shirt” to see how it’s done!

This little piggy needs to go home with you!

One final note about the vendors at the festival: if you want to know about the greatness of North Carolina your go-to guide of everything to see, do and eat in NC is Our State Magazine. They highlight the amazing people, places, culture and cuisine of the Old North State.

Yesterday’s Golden Girl cola is today’s Sun Drop.

Now go forth, explore and discover, and remember it’s Got to be NC! Have you thanked a farmer or a craftsmen today?

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