The Table, Asheboro

Dining at The Table.

In North Carolina you never know when you’re going to come across a great place to eat. Why? Because we’re chock-full of good food here and restaurants are tucked away in places you might miss if you’re not looking.

Take Asheboro. It’s a small town with a lot of hardworking, real people living there. My kind of town. No pretense. No phony facade. Just real people.

Asheboro has several antique shops and eateries around town. One place I just discovered is The Table. It sits next to a mill complex that was repurposed into lofts.

A quaint repurposed building houses The Table.

I imagine the restaurant to be located in what was once the mill offices. I may or may not be right about that, but that’s what I imagine.

At any rate, The Table is chic French country meets NC country. They bake on site and create fresh food made to order.

Hot roast beef and corn chowder….

The hot roast beef on ciabatta was out of this world. First of all, the ciabatta was the best I’ve ever eaten. It was warm, fresh, chewy and soft all at the same time. The fact that I didn’t have to rip my teeth out on the bread made me giddy. I love a ciabatta, but sometimes they’re a little tough. Not this ciabatta, this stuff was unbelievable.

The savory roast beef was tender and melted in my mouth with each bite. Topped with charred onions, aged white cheddar, horseradish cream and arugula ,this was the perfect combination of salty, sweet, peppery and heat for the roast beef.

Fall finally settled in and the chill in the air called for soup. The corn chowder was the soup of the day and it was the best side for a hot roast beef. This luscious, creamy chowder warmed my belly with chowdery goodness. I couldn’t discern the spices in the soup, but the soft ciabatta dipped in the soup was a match made in heaven. Sigh. My only regret is not knowing the secret to the soup. I need to recreate this flavorful, mouthwatering soup myself…which means I’m going to need to do research…which means another road trip to The Table. I can dig it.

The bakery is full of sweet and savory baked goods to temp your tastebuds.


P: 336.736.8628
TUES – WED:   7AM-2:30PM
SAT:                  7:30AM-10PM

227 S ELM ST
P:  336.542.0395
TUES – SAT: 7:30AM-3PM