Pattan’s Downtown Grille, Rockingham, NC

Rockingham is located in Richmond County, NC.

No matter where you go in NC there is an eatery specializing in barbecue. NC is a barbecue state and every restaurant has their own special twist.

Pattan’s Downtown Grille is in the center of Rockingham in a cool remodeled industrial building.

In Rockingham, Pattan’s Downtown Grille is your go-to place for barbecue chicken, pork, and their specialty, burnt ends.

Swamp Sauce – my favorite is the one with the black cap, but both are tasty!

Pattan’s is known for their Swamp Sauce, a homemade concoction that adds some swang to your meats. It’s amazingly delish and pairs up with their barbecue meats perfectly.

Swamp dip & chips.

To start, get the Swamp Dip, a hearty, meaty, swangy dip served with tortilla chips.

Chicken and pork, need I say more?!

Next, try their chicken (so juicy!) or pulled pork. If you’re lucky enough to visit on Wednesday burnt ends are the way to go.

Pinto beans. Done right, they’re hard to beat.

Pattan’s serves up comfort sides to go with their barbecue. My favorite? Pinto beans. Holy –moly were they a great side with the chicken and beef.

I can’t tell you a thing about dessert. I was as full as a tick after gobbling down the two meat plate and as tempting as it was to try a dessert, that was a no-go. Maybe you’ll have more luck than me.
The staff are really friendly and helpful. They’re the kind of people where once you go a few time, everybody knows your name. Cheers!

We’re open!

Pattan’s Downtown Grille is located at 228 E. Washington Street, Rockingham, NC 28379.