North Carolina

Meatloaf Sandwich from Blue Surf Cafe, Wilmington, NC

North Carolina is in the midst of a food renaissance, much like the rest of the South. We’ve got innovative chefs breathing new life into Southern staples and creating fresh cuisine using locally sourced meat, veggies, and grains. It’s like a day at Disney for your tastebuds!

Eating may not be a sport, but that doesn’t mean I’m not treating it as one. As an eater, I’m on a quest to try locally owned, locally sourced cuisine no matter where I travel. Sharing it with the world is the fluffy icing on the cupcake!

Are you ready? Then let’s go eat!

Chef & the Farmer: Tom Thumb, or a Southern gyro, served up with citrus yogurt, tabbouleh, and pickled onions and cucumbers. Scrumptious!