100 Years of Cheerwine

Step up and grab an icy Cheerwine!

What is Cheerwine? If you’re not from around these parts Cheerwine is as foreign a concept as walking on the moon. Well…one sip of this fizzy, cherry soda and you’ll be over the moon: no space suit or rocket required.

Old Cheerwine Bottling Company car.

Fill ‘er up with cheer!

Admittedly, I was a Cheerwine holdout until one day a friend gave me a frosty glass bottle. That was all she wrote. From there on out it was Cheerwine and moon pies, a truly Southern treat.

“Born in the South. Raised in a Glass.”

Cheerwine celebrated their 100th birthday with a giant bash on 20 May 2017. When I say a giant bash I mean giant, as in a massive, colossal, mega bash.

The Empire Strikes Brass goes galactic with their ‘BrassFunkRock’ sound.

ESB jumping into hyperspace with their funky tunes.

Upon entering the cherry birthday gate every person was given a cheery, icy Cheerwine to start their Cheertastic day. From there it was music, food, games, old cars, a museum filled with Cheerwine memorabilia, and more icy Cheerwine.

An old lunch counter serving up Cheerwine on display in the Rowan Museum.

With 100 years under your belt, you’ve seen some changes to your branding.

100 years is quite an accomplishment! The Carolina Beverage Company of Salisbury, NC has been run by the same family since since 1917. My favorite, Retro Cheerwine, is served in glass bottles and is made with cane sugar. Cheerwine has partnered with two other Salisbury, NC companies, Food Lion and Krispy Creme, to make Cheerwine ice cream, sherbet, and donuts. And yes, they are all unbelievably luscious.

Artwork by a student in a local school.

Cheerwine is one of those things that make you feel like your home, and in North Carolina home is where the heart is. “Born in the South. Raised in a glass.” Coming to a town or grocery store near you.

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    • Hi Starr!

      The festival was so much fun! That is so cool that you have Cheerwine up there. It’s a staple down here. Next on your list should be Sun Drop!

      ~Mindy 😃

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